Erica Miller Wildlife Rehab - Dayton, Ohio

Erica Miller Wildlife Rehab is located in Miamisburg, Ohio and serves the Greater Dayton, Miami Valley, and surrounding area.

I Found An Injured or Abandoned Animal. What Now?

We serve as a resource and rehabilitation rescue for orphaned, injured, or sick wild animals. Our location is a farm in Miamisburg Ohio. The majority of our operation is dealing with raccoons, opossums, rabbits, birds, squirrels, skunks, and fox.  Please call for instructions on what to do if you find a fawn.   If you’ve found an injured or abandoned animal please select the option below.

Thousands of Patients Helped Since 2016

Erica Miller Wildlife Rehab has been in operation since 2016. We have taken in thousands of orphaned, injured, or sick wild animals and given them a second chance for a fulfilling life in their natural environment. Our 50 acre location is located in the woods.  We practice soft release techniques that allow many of the animals to gradually assimilate into their natural environment.  Some of our enclosures are initially based indoors for newborns; however, as the animals mature, they can be moved to outdoor enclosures in the woods for soft release preparation.

Get Involved and Make A Difference

There are multiple ways to get involved with our cause if you’d like. Donations are the easiest and most convenient way to contribute.  We also are in need of shelters, equipment, and supplies.  Visitors are always welcome to visit and volunteer work is considered on occasion.  Click the links below to make a difference.  Thank you so much!