I Found An Injured or Abandoned Bird

Removal Alert!

Uninjured birds in a stable nest should also be left alone.  They may look abandoned if the mother isn’t around, however mother birds visit their babies periodically to keep predators from following them back to their nest.

Fledglings! What is a fledgling?

Adolescent birds are not like children, they don’t get to live in Mommies basement until they’re 30.  The mama bird actually sends the baby bird out of the nest sometimes before it can even fly.  As they fledge (develop wing feathers large enough for flight),  the mama will continue to bring them food and support for up to a week.  These fledglings appear to be abandoned or lost.  Be very careful not to mistake a fledgling for a baby bird that has been orphaned and needs to be rescued.  This determination can be difficult and we advise calling before capturing.

In the event of a rescue, keep the bird warm, dark, and as quiet as possible.

Steps For a Safe Rescue

  1. Wear gloves and personal protection. Do not use bare hands while helping a wild bird.
  2. Be careful and avoid getting bitten, licked, or scratched.
  3. Prepare a container, sturdy box, or animal carrier. Trash cans and plastic containers will work quickly depending on the size of the bird. Make sure the lid will fit securely to the top of the container.
  4. Carefully grab the nest and place it in a safe padded container. Cover the seal and ensure the bird will not be able to escape.
  5. As soon as you can get in touch with Erica Miller Wildlife Rehab and we will assist you from there.