I Found An Injured or Abandoned Raccoon

Removal Alert!

Often in the spring mother raccoons give birth in and around properties. If you were to hire a pest control company to remove the mother raccoon it’s litter would be left behind. Please wait a few weeks until the babies are mobile and able to join their mother before removing the raccoons. Once they’ve left your property it is then safe (and only safe) to close their entry point(s).

Injured Raccoons

Adult raccoons are territorial, aggressive, quick, and can cause injury – or even worse may carry rabies which can be transferred to you or a loved one. Only attempt to rescue an injured adult raccoon if it is completely safe to do so.

Steps For a Safe Rescue

  1. Wear gloves and personal protection. Do not use bare hands while helping a wild raccoon.
  2. Be careful and avoid getting bitten, licked, or scratched.
  3. Prepare a container, sturdy box, or animal carrier. Trash cans and plastic containers will work quickly depending on the size of the raccoon. Make sure the lid will fit securely to the top of the container. Always allow for proper ventilation.
  4. When capturing the raccoon approach it from behind. Gather the animal in a towel then immediately place it into the container. Cover the seal and ensure the raccoon will not be able to escape.
  5. As soon as you can get in touch with Erica Miller Wildlife Rehab and we will assist you from there.

Remember to Keep it quiet Keep it warm and Keep it safe.  Call Erica immediately on how to properly warm the baby.