Below are some examples of how much it costs to care for orphaned and/or injured wildlife (excluding vet costs). Any and all donations are appreciated. All donations go directly to food costs, enclosure upgrades, and medical supplies needed for care.

Raccoons180-day rehab$300
Ground Hog120-day rehab$150
Squirrels120-day rehab$150
Opossum90-day rehab$100
Song Birds30-day rehab$25
Rabbits30-day rehab$50

Our Amazon Wishlist

One of the things we have been extremely grateful for is our community and strangers who have helped us by donating food, cleaning and medical supplies. Please visit our Amazon Wishlist and consider making a donation to our rescue.


Animals lovers are welcome to come visit our farm and get first-hand experience of wildlife rehabilitation. If you are interested in volunteering, we encourage our guests to search the local garage sales, craigslist listings, and facebook marketplace for items we are in need of. (Contact us for a list of current needs). Occasionally we are in need of workers to help with the day to day operations. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.