About Erica Miller

A 2000 Graduate of Kettering College of Medical Arts, Erica spent the early years of her career as a critical and intensive care nurse. Her continued education as an RN (Registered Nurse) has provided the foundation for the work she does today with wildlife. After nearly a decade of saving human lives, she moved more to her passion of saving our little furry friends. She has worked hard to attain the necessary knowledge and experience to provide the very best medical care possible.

She gets her “Snow White” gene from her paternal grandfather and spent a big part of her childhood working at the family’s 500 acre Castle Hill farm in Tipp City, Ohio. Working with larger farm animals at a very early age she developed the skills that only a few wildlife rehabilitators possess.

She gets her medical background from her maternal side of the family. Having a grandfather, uncle, and sister as Medical Doctors was very influential in the emphasis she puts on providing the very best care for her furry little patients.

Erica’s rescue center is based on her 50-acre hobby farm in Miamisburg, Ohio. The farm contains a combination of ponds, creeks, woods, horse pastures, and nature trails. In addition to running her wildlife rescue, she spends her days training horses, milking dairy goats, keeping bees, raising chickens, and tending to her greenhouse. By producing vegetables, goats milk, honey, and eggs much of the needed supplies for the orphaned animals is provided organically through Erica’s hard work. The farm facilities have all the necessary wood and metal shops to build and maintain enclosures suitable for wildlife.

As a wife and mother of two teenagers, her wildlife rescue is also her home. And because of that, the orphaned baby animals that she cares for have the best chance possible.

About Grace Miller

Well beyond her years, Grace has been riding horses and working around animals since she was two.  In addition to showing horses, figure skating, and working on her art projects, Grace gets up with the sun every morning and helps feed and take care of the animals.  She has been instrumental in the care and nurturing of over 100 rescues in the last several years. When she’s not mucking stalls, cleaning cages, or walking animals – She’s probably out taking photos or videos.  Grace aspires to be a veterinarian someday so she can expand on the work she does with her Mom in wildlife. As an accomplished equestrian, the work ethic she obtained is a major contributor to Erica’s success. If you’d like to get in touch with Grace just call and ask for the squirrel princess.